14-15 of December,"Commercial course intensive", Novorosiysk

This website is made due to numerous requests of apprentices and fans of her talent.
In the "Gallery of Works" you can find Lyudmila’s prize-winning competition works, new and different other works.

Lyudmila Tarakanova's works impress with skill and professionalism: multeity of color set, bright, colorful, difficult color combinations, neatness of works, precision, nicety of lines, smoothness of shadings. Each master has his secrets, but Lyudmila willingly shares the secrets. You may learn the detailed description of different author's training programs on the page "Lessons". You can also find there some lessons with a step-by-step photographic material and the detailed description. Some lessons are presented on the page "Video". There you may see recordings of different master classes, show programs and other Lyudmila’s performances.
One of Lyudmila's secrets is professional "brushes" of ludovik brand. Therefore one of the website’s pages is devoted to them.

Lyudmila visits many different cities of Russia and abroad, and you will always know her "schedule", and also you may participate in her master classes and advanced training courses, different types of training, championships and show programs. If she hasn't been in your city yet, don't miss a chance to invite her.
We will be glad to communicate with you on the page "Forum" and we hope it will be interesting for you to share the experience, to express the opinion, to discuss the site and its pages, photos or video materials, and also any questions devoted to art in general, and make-up in particular.

Ludmila Tarakanova


8(903) 111-57-10

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