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New format of the course.

Two-day course with theory and practice.

1 day. theoretical part.2-2.5 hours. Acquaintance with the group. Free communication. The format of the interview. Question answer. On interesting and burning topics. Topics related to problems often encountered in the work. Difficulties in constructing makeup forms. Features of working with problem skin. A small course on materials science, necessary cosmetic products, novelties, the right choice and competent formation of the case. Studying the proportions and details of the client's face, in order to correctly place emphasis, on the right. The definition for each personal level of contrast is both external and internal, taking into account the psychology of communication and monitoring the behavior of the client. And much more. Themes are chosen by the group itself. And each time the theory will be different, given the wishes, it is gathered here and now. Individual approach to each city, students can also prepare a list of questions for discussion in advance.


1 Show.

 Commercial makeup competently. Competent commerce. Elegant. Exquisite ... Identification of the customer's individual color code, for creating a special, and maximally natural (native) make-up.
Salon make-up, the most suitable for the customer in terms of color nuances and considering all its features of individual forms and relationships in the face. Author's secrets of working with the skin. Spot neutralization of all sorts of color problems on the face. The most accurate hit in the tone of the client's skin, with the finest and weightless tinting. Creation of a semi-transparent, almost unseen correction in the modeling and sculpting of the face, using color perspective rules and various texture variants. The most popular makeup in the style of "nude".

2 show.

 Transformation on the first model. Eternal classics in a new modern reading. Very simple, but clean and smooth. Use of modern materials that simplify the makeup process. Solemn, expressive, but simple running variants of a fig. Competent accentuation.

3 show.

 Actual modern graphics in make-up. Fashionable hands! Construction and drawing, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the eye. Use of false eyelashes in commercial make-up. Ability to glue qualitatively bundle and integral tape eyelashes. Different options for lip make-up, given the wishes of the group.

2 day. Working out all make-ups or any to choose from. Slowly and without haste. Under the strict guidance.

The course can be sold to students separately to choose from. Only theory and shows are the first day. Or two days with working off. On the first day, the number of listeners is not limited and can be held in another large hall. On day 2, there is a maximum of 12 people. and you can in a mini studio with workplaces. Or this is one room for two days. Or different given the large demand and rent of the hall.


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